Your Brain on Golf

Want to feel more comfortable on the first tee? Want to get rid of the yips on short putts? Want to take the game you have on the range to the course? Most importantly, do you want to enjoy golf more and lower your handicap? You can when you understand what happens to Your Brain on Golf.

The quickest way you to improve your golf scores is to change the way you think on the course.Your Brain on Golf translates the latest discoveries in neuroscience and psychology into new habits that you can begin to practice immediately, and use the next time you play.

The pros know how to think behind the ball, as they walk into a shot, and over the ball. They have a process for making decisions and relaxing on the course that allows them to stay focused under the most extreme pressure. Their mental secrets from years of competition and from working with the world’s great teachers and psychologists are now skills you can learn too.