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  • Stop worrying about numbers and focus on the skills, processes, and team behaviors that actually produce results

  • Build a culture in your team, start-up, or organization where people want to make the extra efforts that make winning possible

  • Be the kind of leader others want to work with and learn from

  • Train your brain so you only focus on what you can control and improve

  • Change your corner of the world

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Jon and Jay have distilled the qualities of leadership into an inspiring essence. You’ll not only learn what it takes to become a great leader; you’ll learn how to inspire those around you to commit to greatness as well.
— Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND
Do you want an engaged and best efforts culture? Do you want to attract and retain the best people? If your answers to those questions are yes and yes, then I highly recommend you practice The Three Commitments of Leadership.
— Doug Lennick, author of Moral Intelligence
You offer safe harbor for those in any leadership role that find themselves in rough seas. Your work is full of memorable wisdom and important stories, well told.
— Mark Bryan, best selling author of The Artist's Way at Work