Jay Therrien
Jay is an author, creative designer, executive coach, and organizational development leader. He led professional development and sales teams at three Fortune 500 companies, and consults with a wide variety of industries and companies today. As a consultant and speaker, Jay has been on stage in front of millions around the world both in person and via national television broadcast. His work has been featured in Leadership Excellence,  Investment News, and Change This. He is co-author of The Three Commitments of Leadership.

Jon Wortmann
Jon is a best-selling author, speaker, non-profit leader, and coach for executives in addition to two NCAA programs, the coaches at the Institute for Rowing Leadership, and the professional golf team "Team GQ". His work has been featured in Elle Magazine, O Magazine, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. His books include Hijacked by Your Brain: How to Free Yourself when Stress Takes Over, Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence, The Three Commitments of Leadership, Your Brain on Golf, and Mindfulness Is Sublime.